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Different types of reflectors for cannabis growing

Lighting will be a key part of your indoor marijuana growing. Choose your led grow light for 4×4 tent. In addition to the lamps and ballasts for its operation, we must not forget the reflectors. These will be in charge of directing the light of the bulbs towards our plants. To do it in a correct way will be fundamental so that they grow strong and healthy and thus to obtain a harvest the most productive possible. … Continue readingDifferent types of reflectors for cannabis growing

“Flamethrower” against weeds

The new is well-forgotten old. And since the world develops in a spiral, then at its next turn, mankind steps on the already familiar “rake”. Or he discovers the answer to another “problem of the decade” in a warehouse of long-forgotten equipment. A similar “reincarnation” occurs in the field of plant protection. Fire cultivators are a good example. That is, hand or wheeled implements operating on the principle of a gas burner. Here choose the best weed torch.

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