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Bed bugs infestation

Bed bugs infestation is a common problem faced by many people, resulting in severe itching caused by the bite. As a result, people are experiencing sleep disturbances because their bed has become a war zone of nightly bed bug feeding. Although the common cause for bed bugs points a finger towards unclean and cluttered rooms, it is not the only reason. Poor sanitary conditions results in higher infestation and bed bugs can be found in areas where birds or mammals have nests. These nests can be close to homes and since the bugs feed on warm blooded animals, they can be easily transferred from the animals to human homes.

In order to find a comprehensive answer to the question of what causes bed bugs, one needs to know more about the conditions that facilitate spreading of the pest from one place to the other. Travel and commerce are some of the main reasons leading to the spread of bed bugs. As the bugs can easily attach to furniture, bedding, linen and clothes, they can be transported along with people and things. Adults as well as their eggs can be carried in this manner resulting in infestation of new places. The blood sucking insects prefer human beings and are therefore found in higher number in human habitats.

Small cracks and crevices are ideal hiding places of bed bugs and their flattened shape facilitates hiding. Luggage, furniture, boxes etc. can easily hide the bugs in its cracks and joints. Used furniture and mattresses are considered ideal for bed bugs and they happily travel to the new residence. Even empty apartments can play host to the bugs and can also facilitate their movement into adjoining rooms and apartments through the holes in the walls. Cracks and joints present in rooms also help the bugs to travel. People can easily find an answer to the recurring question of what causes bed bugs by looking into these reasons which facilitate their movement from one place to another.

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