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Beehive Removal – How to Get Rid of a Beehive

It is a beautiful sight to watch a bee flying from one flower to another. However, I’m sure everyone would agree that bee hives are a terror. If you find a bee hive near your residence or office, it is suggested that you get the assistance of a professional to get rid of the bee hive. A beekeeper keeps the bees for the purposes of securing commodities such as honey, beeswax, pollen, pollinating fruits and vegetables, etc. Here are some of the things you can try for beehive removal:

Ways to get rid of beehives

Get Rid of BeesContact a local beekeeper: Contacting beekeepers is the safest way to get rid of the bees. They are experts in this field. They can easily remove the beehive from your building or apartment. Some of the local beekeepers will remove the bee hives free of charge to add to their collection.

Smoke method: Burning sugar can help you make a lot of smoke in order to remove the bees. But it can leave smoke damage if used indoors. Apart from that, incense in large volume has been successfully used indoors to create smoke and remove the bees. Constant smoke will cause bees to move their hive. Once the bees leave the hive, you can remove the hive from your building or apartment.

Soap and water method: This is another effective method for beehive removal. Soap helps in dissolving the waxy exterior of the bees while protecting them from drowning. However, you will have to be cautious enough while using this method.

Killing the bees: Use this method only when bee hive removal becomes impossible. You will have to spray the bee hive with a chemical bee spray at night which will help you in killing the bees. However, you should check out if killing of bees is legal in your area. You can also apply insecticide through the opening of the hive. When you’re sure that bees in the hives are dead, remove the hive and place them in large garbage bag. Secure the bag and dispose accordingly.

Get rid of attraction for the bees: Bees get attracted to your garden which is full of flowers. You will have to do away with the attraction for the bees if you want to stop the bees from making hives in your property.

Removing bee hives on your own

If you want to go for beehive removal on your own, you need to follow certain steps to make your effort successful.

Check if you’re anti-allergic or not

You may be allergic to bee stings. In such a case, the venom in a bee sting can lead to swelling of the lips or throat. It may lead to difficulty in breathing, tightness of the throat, vomiting, diarrhoea, light-headedness and low blood pressure. Bee stings can be fatal as well. If you’re highly allergic to bee stings, then bee hive removal should be left to the professionals.

Wear protective clothing

When you decide to get rid of the bees, you should wear protective clothing. Go for light-coloured and smooth-textured clothing. Bees get irritated by dark-colors and rough clothing. You should also wear a veil and leather gloves for more protection of your face and hands. You shouldn’t wear any perfume, cologne, after-shave or scented deodorant. Bees may get attracted to you.

Trace the beehive

Often beehives are located in places like chimneys or in the walls. You should also search the bird houses, kennels, pots, attic, trash cans and any open structure where bees can get in. You should note that beehives in the house can hold 20 to 80 pounds of honey and it can ruin the walls and ceilings if not removed on time. Don’t make any sudden movement while removing bee hives. Be sure to exercise extreme caution around any suspected beehives.

Best Time to remove bee hives

It is better to remove the bee hives in the late winter or early spring. During this time, the population of the bees in the hive is the smallest. You can apply insecticide to the beehives in the late afternoon. Again, this is when all the bees will be in the hive or nest. You should remember that bees sleep in the evening and early morning.

What to use for bee hive removal

In terms of chemicals, Sevin is a good insecticide which you can use to kill the bees. You will need repeated applications in order to kill all the bees inside the hive. If the beehive is located inside the wall, then, tap with a hammer and listen for the bees’ answering buzz. This is where the nest or hive is located. You’ll need to bore a hole and apply the insecticide to the hive.

The process of getting rid of the bees

Once you’ve located the beehive, put on your protective clothing. You should spray the insecticide on the beehive and repeat the application in order to kill all the remaining bees in the hive. Remove and destroy the beehive in order to prevent other bees from moving in. Dispose the beehive in a plastic garbage bag. Make sure all the bees are dead. After the bee hive removal, use soap and water to clean the area. Seal all the entrances through which bees may gain an entry. If you’ve bored a hole in a wall, seal it up and paint as necessary.

What to do if you’re attacked by honey bees?

If you are attacked by the honey bees, then you should get inside a building or car and close the door. This is the best defence. You should never attempt to approach bees if you are allergic to their stings.

So, now you know the process of bee hive removal. You will have to be careful enough when you start removing the bees. Make sure that there are no children nearby. If children get stung by the bees, it could be fatal. You should even take care of your own protection when you start the process.

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