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Different types of reflectors for cannabis growing

Lighting will be a key part of your indoor marijuana growing. Choose your led grow light for 4×4 tent. In addition to the lamps and ballasts for its operation, we must not forget the reflectors. These will be in charge of directing the light of the bulbs towards our plants. To do it in a correct way will be fundamental so that they grow strong and healthy and thus to obtain a harvest the most productive possible.

Growing cannabis indoors involves a number of preparations, including selecting the right materials to mount the best space for your marijuana plants. In this sense, the lighting is one of the first concerns about our culture. Not only because we will have to choose the most suitable lamps, but also because we will have to add other devices such as reflectors so that the light that falls on our plants is ideal for growth.

Mainly the function of the reflectors will be to diffuse the light emitted by the bulbs towards the plants. The key to good performance will be to make the reflection as uniform as possible so that the light reaches the whole plant equally. This will depend on the material the reflector is made of as well as its shape, but also on the space where you install your crop.

In this sense, first of all you will need to choose, as far as possible, a place that is square. This way the reflector will be able to distribute the light evenly throughout the room or the cultivation cabinet. This will prevent some areas from being lit up more than others and can lead to shortages and other problems with light intensity and heat among your plants.

However, to select the most suitable reflector you will have no problem. On the market you will find from the basic devices, but not less effective, to the most advanced ones with a greater number of functionalities for the most experienced growers. The choice, as in most cases, will depend on the budget and the extent of your marijuana cultivation.

The Adjust a Wings reflectors and its modalities

These reflectors, made of top quality materials, are characterized by the fact that they are equipped with a kind of wings on the sides. They create a double parabola when fully extended, which allows it to be modified according to the surface to be covered. This design avoids trapping heat and hindering the movement of air in the crop, something that is appreciated in indoor crops.

In addition, several models of this type of reflector can be found on the market, ranging from 89 euros to 199 euros, depending on the materials of manufacture and its size. The simplest is the Adjust a Wings Enforce with a reflection of 86% with a life span of at least 3 years of continuous use. On a higher level is the Adjust a Wings Defender (also available in white), with an aluminum and magnesium surface that results in a more diffuse and uniform reflection. And finally, the best of the range: the Adjust a Wings Avenger is made of molten glass and titanium dioxide and has a ceramic coating that makes it super-reflective.

Both models are available for high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (HM) lights with power from 250 to 1000 watts or also for fluorescent lamps.

In addition, the Adjust a Wings reflectors have the option of integrating the Super-Spreader accessory. This device, which is attached to the reflector socket, helps to distribute the light and reduce the heat produced by the lamp, allowing the reflector to be brought about 20 to 30 centimeters from the plants without risk of burning.

However, if you are a beginner in the cultivation of marijuana and prefer not to complicate yourself with the selection of the most suitable reflector for your lights, in the online store of Semillas de Marihuana you can find several complete lighting kits, equipped with the lamp, its ballast and the corresponding reflector. This way you will save to have to look for it separately and you will be able to obtain it more comfortably.

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