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Getting Rid of Mice – What Steps Should You Follow?

After a hard day at work, we want to go home to a place of peace where we can finally relax. Thus, we won’t like our place to be infested with mice. Mice infestation is extremely annoying, stressful, and harmful. You can, however, start getting rid of mice on your own!

Here are a few steps you could follow in getting rid of mice

Find signs of mouse infestation in your house

Look for holes in walls and food containers. If you also see dirty smudges and urine dribbles on floors and walls, there are mice in your house. At night, when they usually run around your house, you could hear scampering and rustling noises in walls and ceilings. Take these signs, look out for them, and follow the next steps in getting rid of mice.

Use repellents to keep mice away

You can try placing a peppermint ball under or near the trash can, or any other potential places where they could penetrate. Peppermint is a natural deterrent. The smell of peppermint is extremely intense that rodents like mice don’t dare go near it. The smell of peppermint also helps cover the scent of any tasty morsels that you have missed while cleaning.

Peppermint oil and balls are available in health and grocery stores. Peppermint balls are readily available in the market. But, if you opt to use peppermint oil, you need to place a drop of oil or two on a cotton ball. You need to place the cotton balls in areas like doorways or heat vents, etc. from where mice can enter.

You can try burning incense as an alternative natural deterrent, but you shouldn’t use it in tight spaces. Fresh Cab can also be used to keep the mice at bay.

An organic option would be using kitty litter. Mice are afraid of cats. If they smell cat urine, they will clear off in a jiffy. Place kitty litter around entrances of the house.

You can also pay a visit to a reptile center, a pet store, or a zoo in your locality and collect dried snake poo. However, you should keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

Make sure that you seal any possible entryway from where mice can enter your house

Seal all possible entries. Mice can enter your home even through tiny holes. This is the most effective solution to keep the rodents out of your house.

You can use green kitchen pads and cut them into the size of the holes and use them to seal the opening. Steel wool pads are extremely good options in covering mouse holes. If a mouse tries to chew it, it will definitely have a hard time.

Try and keep your house clean as much as possible

You should maintain cleanliness in your home if you want to keep the rodents away. Unless they find anything to eat, they won’t stay in the property. You should see to it that all your food is stored properly in airtight containers and in places that are safe from mouse attack.

Put the trash cans as far as possible from your home. Mice get attracted to the smell of trash.

Set mouse traps

Human traps will help you catch mice in a box. The mouse will be able to get in but he won’t be able to get out. Once you catch them, you should release them at least 1 mile away from your home. If there are no legal issues in your area, you can try killing the rodents in order to get rid of them. Poison them. Mix poison in food and place them inside the human box trap or at places where mice usually go to. When the rat consumes the food, it will die. However, it should also be noted that getting rid of mice through killing these rodents won’t stop them for long. Rather, it may attract more rodents in order to take hold of the available resources. It might create a vicious circle.

You can throw a towel at the mice and the mice will stay under it for quite some time. Place an inverted waste-paper basket over the towel and cover the exposed bits of towel under the basket. Slide a large piece of cardboard under the basket and the towel and turn up the basket. Take it outside and place it as far as possible from your home.

A house cat will definitely help you in taking care of mice problem. Cats hunt to find their own food. If a mouse sees a cat, it will go away from your house knowing it will be preyed on.

Now that you know the steps for getting rid of mice, things will be easier for you. It will make it easier for you keep your house clean and keep the rodents at bay.

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