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Getting Rid of Moths – How to Go About It

Any insect which makes its home in our house can be nuisance for us. Moths are one such thing.

Here are Ways you Can Do in Getting Rid of Moths:

Identify the type of moth you are dealing with.

There are different types of moth and some of them include the following:

  • moths that infest people’s clothing;
  • moths that tend to get into food;
  • moths that infest clothing as well as get into food.

And all moths like dust particles. So, once you know the type of moth you’re dealing with, you can start getting rid of moths easier. But you should note that it is not enough to get rid of the adult moths. You should also take proper steps in order to get rid of the larvae of those moths completely in order to avoid further infestation of moths.

Get rid of the things which attracted the moths in the first place.

Unless you get rid of those things, you will be bothered by the infestation of the moths again in the future. Different species of moths each have different dietary requirements. So, when you plan to get rid of the moths, you should be careful about that.

Wash your unused linens thoroughly in order to get rid of the larvae of the moths which infest clothing.

If you’re dealing with food moths, protect the food by placing them in air-tight food containers. Throw away the moth infested food.

One of the most popular ways of getting rid of moths is cleaning through vacuuming. You must know that the dust in our house is full of things which the moths like. It includes dead skin and particles of hair. Once your home is clean and you get rid of the dust, be rest assured that you will have less number of moths in your house. Most experts recommend vacuuming the whole house and doing it more often than usual.

Keep your house clean and dry.

Moths like very humid environments. You should keep your house and the surroundings dry. It is suggested you purchase and use a dehumidifier in order to keep the moths from coming back. Put it in a strategic area where it can function best.

You need to vacuum your carpets and baseboards regularly in order to avoid moth infestation as they love to gravitate towards dirt. If there is an infestation of moth presently in your home, then you can change you vacuum bag regularly in order to get the larvae out of your house.

Clean clothes before storing.

Before you store your clothes at the end of the season, make sure that you wash all of them and dry them in the sun. This will kill any larvae that may be present in the clothing. Apart from this, note that cotton garments can also be ironed in order to keep moths at bay.

Store clothes in locked, moisture-free containers.

You should make sure that you store all your clothes in sealed containers. Chests, plastic storage containers, suitcases, etc. can be used to keep the moths away. Moths won’t be able to get into air-tight containers.

Moths mainly prefer moist environment. So, if you want to save your clothes from the infestation of moths, then you should definitely sun-dry your clothes and keep them in a dry place.

Use moth repellents.

Moth balls and various store brought products can help you in getting rid of the moths ad keeping them away. And, as an alternative, here are several time-proven home remedies you can try:


This is a natural moth repellant. You will have to fill sachets with dried lavender and place it in the closets or drawers wherever you find moth infestation. You can even dip cotton balls in lavender oil and put them in places where clothes are stored.


Another natural moth repellent is mint. Dried mint leaves are considered to be the best and the most effective moth repellent. You can place several leaves in a sachet and put it in places where you keep food and clothes. You can even place loose leaves among your clothes.


Cedar wood has been appreciated for repelling moths. And, yes, it definitely works. If you have a cedar-lined closet or chest in your house, be sure to make use of it. Keep your clothes in that closet or chest and avoid the infestation of moths on your clothes. You can even pick up some cedar chips or blocks from the store, and place them where you need it. You should note that Cedar loses its scent with time. To bring the scent back, you can sand the cedar lightly, or get a bottle of cedar oil, and apply it to the wood.

Thyme, Cloves, Rosemary and Ginseng

The combination of these four ingredients will help you in getting rid of the moths. If you don’t get all these four ingredients together, then you can use even just one of the ingredients as well, though, not as effective. Fill a sachet with them to keep moths at bay for months.

Follow these steps and choose the repellent of your choice. And, don’t forget that in getting rid of moths, you also have to get rid of the larvae!

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