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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

The first few things you need to know about how to get rid of scorpions is that they can be easily found in earthy areas where they find dark places to hide. They are extremely sensitive to moisture loss so they mainly stay hidden during the daytime and come out in the night.

Scorpions are Arachnids that are commonly found in the desert but can adapt to any habitat very easily. There are around 13 families of scorpions; there are more than 1,400 species of scorpions worldwide, only 25 species can cause death to humans. The Bark Scorpion which is also called the Centruroides gertshi or Centruroides sculpturatus, is the most fatal one. This scorpion can be found in Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico. Scorpions are very common in southern and south-western United States.scorpion hideouts

Scorpions can be found on every continent except Antarctica. However, they mainly prefer areas which have dry climate. They hide themselves during the day. The popular hiding places of these scorpions include:

  • closets;
  • piles of laundry;
  • attics;
  • bathroom or kitchen cabinets;
  • crawl spaces.

You’ll find them burrowed in the sand, under rocks, or in shady spaces when outdoors because scorpions don’t like temperatures over 100°F.

It is important to get rid of scorpions in and around your home. Though the process is difficult and time consuming, it can be successfully done.

Here are few steps on how to get rid of scorpions

Clean your house.

You should thoroughly clean the inside of your house. It will help you keep different types of insects and rodents at bay.

You should regularly clean the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, closets and other rarely used spaces.

Check your laundry thoroughly.

While picking up the laundry from the floor, you should be careful enough. They may hide inside the laundry.

Keep your home insect-free.

Scorpions mainly eat insects and small spiders. So you should keep your house insect-free. Spiders also happen to eat insects. If you control insects, you control spiders, and you control scorpions.

You can use indoor pesticides and glue traps in order to keep your home insect-free. Some of the popular glue traps include ePest IPM Pro Bug Traps and Monitors. Glue traps won’t kill scorpions but it will help you catch them.

Seal off the cracks in your house.

If you’re thinking of how to get rid of scorpions, you should first think of controlling the scorpions that can be found outside your home. You should seal off the cracks, if any.

Get rid of scorpion hide-outs outside your home.

In order to control and get rid of the scorpions outside your home, reduce the number of outdoor hiding places for scorpions. You should get rid of the loose rocks, wood, trash, and other unnecessary items from the backyard and around lawn. Mow the grass of your lawn on a regular basis and let it remain short. All the shrubbery should be nicely pruned.

Treat outdoor areas with a residual insecticide.

You may also treat the outdoor areas with a residual insecticide of Demon WP, Demand or Talstar. Inside the house, such as the crevices in woodwork, closets, around plumbing, doorways or windows, and other areas where you may find scorpions hiding, should also be treated with a similar spray or dust. In case of rapid control of scorpions inside your house, you may use Non-residual or contact applications of CB 80.

Use a blacklight at night to spot scorpions.

Scorpions glow under a blacklight. You may use it to find them.

Be cautious or seek professional help. Seek professional help

You should not walk around with bare feet at night or pick scorpions up with your bare hand.

If you can’t control the scorpions on your own, you can seek to contact pest control companies. They will help you in knowing the proper use of pesticide to keep scorpions from infesting your home. Pesticides can repel scorpions and will also help you in eliminating their food. However in order to maintain safety and avoid any fatal incidents, you should keep children and pets away from treated surfaces until the application dries.

When things have gone out of control and scorpions have multiplied in your house and the outdoor areas, it will be very difficult to get rid of them. So, rather than thinking how to get rid of scorpions yourself, it will be better if you could take proper prevention methods and call pest control professionals.

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