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Signs of Bed Bugs and Various Ways to Find Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that become active during the night and feed on human beings along with other warm-blooded animals. These brown, wingless bugs are flat before feeding. After feeding, the body becomes engorged with blood, turns from brown to a dull red and is elongated and swollen. They can easily hide in small cracks, crevices and joints within the room. Furniture, mattresses and luggage are the main hiding places of bed bugs and there are a number of ways to find bed bugs and signs of bed bugs infestation can be seen on closer analysis of rooms, furniture, cabinets and other belongings. This thorough inspection of the room will lead to the hiding places of the bugs.

Some of the ways to find bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs infestation is to de-clutter the room. This makes the inspection procedure easier. Beds must be dismantled and all drawers and desks must be completely overturned to expose the hiding insects. A flash light might be handy for looking into cracks, crevices, joints and inside fabrics. Holes created due to pipe lines within the room must be checked thoroughly to find the bugs and then must be sealed completely. Heating the bed linens and clothing also exposes the bugs as they cannot stand extreme heat.

A magnifier can be used as a way to find bed bugs and signs of bed bugs infestation. They may sometimes go unnoticed due to their small size but a magnifier can help in finding the hidden insects. A magnifier and a flashlight are quite effective where the naked eye cannot trace the bed bugs. Spots left by bugs in the form of fecal material also provide signs of infestation. Since these are left in visible places, it becomes easier to locate the bed bugs. When the bugs are crushed while sleeping, they leave blood stains on the bed covers and pillow covers. This can prove to be obvious signs of infestation.

Areas around the bed are preferred hiding locations. Therefore the ways to find bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs can be easily identified in areas where the bites are experienced. Generally they start living around the bed and gradually, with time they spread to all parts of the room. Electronic appliances like radios, phones etc. should also be checked along with picture frames, electrical switch plates and other places within the room which might offer a protected hiding place for the bugs. A strong coriander-like odor may be noticed in places which are highly infested with bed bugs. Other signs of bed bug infestation can be detected by analyzing the bite marks left behind by the blood-sucking insects.

Professional, licensed pest control companies know where bed bugs hide and can quickly locate them. With the increase in the bed bug population, these companies can efficiently identify signs of bed bugs and quickly kill them.

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