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Tips for a Healthy Indoor Garden

If you live in an apartment or a small home with no room for a garden outside, the good news is that you can grow your garden indoors quite easily. Most people who have never gardened before might believe that starting an indoor garden is too difficult. But with some thought and planning, you’ll find that it’s quite simple, and very rewarding. Following are a number of tips that will help you grow a healthy indoor garden.

Most of the time, an herb garden is recommended for indoor gardener novices. Not only is this simple to begin but it’s also affordable and can grow quickly. You can start as small as possible with a few planters or pots on your windowsill. There are so many shops today that sell an already made herb kit. You set the planter on the windowsill and all you need to do is to remember to water it every few days. Aside from the need to fertilize them, growing herbs is the easiest way to start your hand at indoor gardening. Not only will you start your own herb garden but imagine the fresh taste of homegrown herbs in your dishes! Even if it’s winter, growing herbs is still possible with some direct light.

If you decide to try your hand at growing some vegetables indoors, remember that they also need more direct light if you are planning to grow them during the winter. Artificial lighting will definitely be required and turning of the pots and planters will be needed in the direct sunlight or makeshift lighting. Usually, fluorescent lights or full spectrum bulbs will do the trick quite well. If you are choosing to grow vegetables such as tomatoes and green or red peppers, though, you will need a far more intense light for your veggies. Again, there are many shops today that offer the entire kit ready for you to start your garden as soon as you get home. Most come with the planter, seeds and fertilizer when you need it. Decide on what kind of veggies are easy for you take care of and tend to in your home.

All indoor plants will need water and a watering device is essential. There is the simple watering can to something even more elaborate depending on what you need. You can choose from the expensive glass bulbs to stick into the soil of the house plants to something simple like adding a plastic water bottle to a stake inside the pot or container. There are many self-watering pots that you can buy now and mats like a capillary mat which can work great if you go on vacation.

Once you start growing your indoor garden, fertilizer is a necessary component to your garden. Most people think that if the garden is not in the ground, fertilizer is not needed. When you grow an indoor garden, the soil is stripped of its nutrients during the growth process. With organic gardening becoming quite popular, an organic fertilizer may be ideal for your indoor garden. If you don’t find it too difficult, compost and worm castings can be a good supplement for your indoor garden to ensure the nutrients are being met.

Avid indoor gardeners might be interested in hydroponic gardening as a way to grow flowers and vegetables for their home year round. One of the simplest ways you can do this is by using a hydroponics grow tent, which provides your plants with the perfect conditions to flourish.

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