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Tips On Growing Orchids Indoors

Growing orchids indoors is very convenient. It may be the best way to start growing orchids for beginners. You can keep a close eye on your plants and check that there are no problems with unwanted pests or diseases. It is also a good way to ensure that your plants are watered regularly. For some people indoor plants are a great way to add color to a room. Whatever your reasons there are some problems or disadvantages that you might find when growing orchids indoors. However, these problems are not big enough that you cannot fix them.

Ideal Humidity

One of the main problems you might face when growing orchids indoors is achieving the right level of humidity. This problem is especially prevalent in dry climates. You want to have a humidity level of about 40 to 70%. If you’re not sure of the humidity level in your home or a particular room is you can always buy a humidity meter. This can be found quite easily and for a pretty reasonable price. If you want to increase humidity and have several plants in one room you can arrange the plants close together. This will help; you could also mist the plants regularly though this might not be possible if you are very busy. Another solution is to buy a humidifier; you can buy one for as little as $10.

Air circulation

Keeping a room well ventilated and the air circulating is another important part of growing orchids indoors. This is usually not hard to do, in the summer a ceiling fan will do the trick. In the later part of the year you can open a window or two to let the air circulate. Keeping the air circulating will prevent bacteria and fungus growing on the leaves of the orchids indoors.


The type of container you choose will depend on how much you water your orchids. When growing orchids indoors you will need to make sure that you do not overwater your plants. If you find that you are watering your plants too much then you should choose a clay or terracotta container. This type of container will absorb some of the excess moisture and prevent the plants from being waterlogged. If you don’t water enough or tend to be a little cautious with your watering then use a plastic container. This will keep the water in and allow your plants to have enough water in between watering. You can water your orchids for as little as once a week when growing orchids indoors.

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