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Weed cultivation: what should be applied?

In the spring and summer, all summer residents have to constantly deal with weeds, and this process does not always bring positive results. Experts give recommendations on how to cultivate the land in order to get rid of weeds for a long time. Read more at

Direct-acting drugs

To clean the summer cottage from perennial weeds, mechanical removal of plants is not enough. It is necessary to use special preparations – herbicides of direct or selective action. They are distinguished by the fact that agents with direct action can destroy all the vegetation in the place where they are sprayed, while drugs with selective – destroy only weeds.

The first type includes such chemicals as:

  1. Glyphosate. This is an organophosphorus compound that has the ability to disrupt biochemical processes in plant tissues, as a result of which they die. The herbicide is widely used in private gardens, as it is quite effective against most weeds.
  2. The basis of Hurricane Forte is potassium glyphosate, capable of destroying almost all living plants. However, it is recommended to use it only for clearing areas that are completely covered with weeds, but in areas intended for growing vegetables, it is undesirable to use it.
  3. Roundup. The active ingredient of this chemical herbicide is the isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, effective for controlling weeds. In addition to a simple tool, on sale you can find a more productive Roundup Max.
  4. The composition of the Tornado also includes glyphosate salts. Experts believe that it is highly effective in the fight against perennial weeds – wheat grass, bindweed, cirsium, sedge, and reeds.

Since these powerful toxic agents can completely destroy the vegetation in the place where it is used, all vegetable and flower crops should be protected before pollination with thick polyethylene or shields made of wood or slate. After spraying with a herbicide, the active substance begins to affect the biochemical processes that occur in the tissues of plants, therefore, it is most productive to deal with weeds in the growth stage.

Pollination with strong chemicals after harvesting is preferable, since the length of time before planting cultivated plants at this place is increased.

When working with these toxic chemicals, safety precautions must be followed. You need to wear tight work clothes, protect your eyes with special glasses, hands with rubber gloves so that the solution cannot get on the body or mucous membranes. A respirator must be used to protect the respiratory system.

All preparations must be diluted strictly in accordance with the instructions, the period of work with the herbicide should not exceed 2 hours.

Selective herbicides

Selective action drugs are commonly used to kill certain types of weeds. In personal summer cottages most often used:

  1. Lontrel. This remedy is actively fighting: with chamomile, sow thistle, dandelion, cornflower, thistle.
  2. Lenacil is effective against: wild radish, shepherd’s bag, mustard, starfish, chicken millet.
  3. Devrinol 45 well destroys nettles, thistles, pharmacy chamomile, shiritsa, yarutka, bluegrass.
  4. It is recommended that Deimos cultivate soils overgrown with an artisan, bindweed, shepherd’s bag, hellebore, furrow, sow thistle, and cow parsnip.
  5. The hacker herbicide is used to combat all types of sow thistle, various varieties of chamomile and mountaineer, buckwheat, coltsfoot, cornflower, dandelion.

If there is no desire to use chemicals to treat the summer cottage, you can try to fight weeds with alternative methods. Experienced gardeners claim that table vinegar is fatal to weeds.

To prepare the solution, dilute 4 l of 9% vinegar in 10 l of pure water, add 100 g of table salt and mix thoroughly.

To prevent the composition from draining from the plants, it is necessary to add a small amount of liquid or grated soap on the grater.

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